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Experience the Change Learning Simulation Workshop

  • Are you faced with change in your organization and you don’t know where to begin?

  • Do you have a Change Methodology but haven’t used it or know where to start?

  • Is your organization implementing Change as a Core Competency? 


Leadership teams that fail to plan for the human equation in change efforts are one of the top reasons change initiatives fail.  


The ExperienceChange Experience is an accelerated highly engaging learning experience for anyone who is responsible for ensuring change is successful in your organization.   Over the course of a one-day workshop, participants experience a “year in the life” of a real change scenario which focuses on “what to do” and “how to be” successful in all aspects of the change initiative.  


Backed by more than 20 years of research, industry insights and results, it combines proven change management methods with hands-on practice in an engaging, low-risk simulation experience.














How is this Workshop Different?  

The learning experience focuses on a company fraught with realistic change challenges. Through careful application of change management best practices, learners build stakeholder buy-in and lead the company to success.  The simulation provides learning-by-doing, where knowledge retention is optimized and change concepts become immediately relevant for real-world projects.

Want to learn more?   Contact us at:  414-301-1842 or 

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