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Career Coaching - Services & Pricing


While some coaches have a "fixed" amount per service or activity, my pricing is customized specifically for your needs, what you need!


We can customize a pricing package on an hourly basis to a package-based fee that fits any budget size.   The ultimate goal for you is a successful outcome.  


A complimentary initial meeting is designed to meet you, get to know you and assess your goals and outcomes.   A Suite of Customized Services will be designed specifically for you!


Foundational Suite of Services: 

  • Getting Started

  • Resume Assessment/Editing

  • Branding 

  • Social Media Strategy Plan

  • Interview Prep & Coaching

  • Networking

Strategic Career Planning Suite of Services:

  • Career Changers

  • Assessments

  • Career Marketability Planning

  • Transferable Skill Marketing

  • Career Marketability Planning

  • Navigating ATS

  • Networking Strategy Planning


Day-To-Day Coaching For Success:

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Staff Mentoring/Development

  • Navigating Strategic Settings

  • Leveraging Your Personal Strengths to Increase Your Marketability, Promoability and Visibility







Business Consulting & Training 

Services & Pricing


Customized consulting and/or training is just that - customized!   I will work with you to assess your need, identify outcomes and create a customized plan for your organization. 


Pricing can be customized based on a single one-time delivery to multiple repeat engagements including live events to web-base delivery for multiple locations.  

A complimentary initial meeting is designed to collaboratively scope out the need and desired outcomes.  A proposal of Customized Services will be designed specifically for you! 



Hourly to Customized Package Plans for: 

  • Business Consulting

  • Strategic Planning

  • Process Mapping

  • Change & Project Management

  • Talent Management Assessments

  • Strategy Planning & Assessment

  • Goal Planning & Implementation

  • Organizational Development/Effectiveness

  • Instructional Design & Delivery


Career Development Programs for: 

  • All levels from front-line to C-Suite

  • Leadership & Employee Development/Training

  • Staff Mentoring & Development Strategies

  • Day-to-Day Coaching for Specific Needs





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