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Our Mission:

Lasting Impact Solutions, LLC is a female owned organization created out of demand from people seeking resources not readily available in the workplace for the advancement of a his/her career goals.   The large outplacement firms focus solely on business-to-business coaching needs for those in job loss.  What is missing is accessible, affordable customized one-on-one coaching designed specifically for an individual's unique needs, not a cookie-cutter approach.    


In today's workplace organizations are faced with one thing - profit!  If the economic climate threatens the stability of the organization, they are faced with the daunting task of managing headcount based on the challenges they face.   Often times that means restructuring, downsizing, outsourcing or re-alinging headcount to meet a new strategic direction.  The outcome often means for job changes such as:  job loss, job reassignment or realignment into a role that may not match your personal career goals, skills, passions or interests.   Budget reductions also means the loss of investment dollars in employee/leadership development, training or career development resources. 


Based on this uncertainty why wait for your organization to find the budget dollars to invest in you?  Control your own destiny, focus on your personal development and career goals now!   Consider a Career Coach & Strategist who can help you design a customized plan that will create solid solutions and options for your career and career satisfaction!


Lasting Impact Solutions, LCC provides both individual and organizational resources based on a deep multi-faceted level of expertise in:  Human Resources/Talent Management/Career Development AND solid Strategic Planning, Business Transformation and Change Management expertise.         

           Career Coaching vs. Career Strategist


When was the last time you invested in YOU?   Whether your career has stalled or you are looking for the next phase in your career - consider an experienced Career Coach!      Why a Coach?   A coach is a neutral person whose goal is to help you reach your's!     An experienced coach listens to your needs and goals and provides mentoring, guidance and encouragement to reach those goals.    


A Career Strategiest is an expert who has extensive knowledge of recruitment, hiring profiles and career development best practices, one who has worked with C-Suite leaders in numerous industries and know what it takes to get hired!    A Strategist is one who has the strategic planning big-picture expertise to assess, design and help one implement success for the future. 


Partnering with an individual who is both a Career Coach & Strategist is like hiring your own Strategic Planner for your future!.   

           Business Consulting & Strategic Planning

Organization's often struggle with managing the business, customer's and revenue generation along with the day-to-day challenges of managing employee's, hiring and turnover.   In today's workplace, employee engagement, retention and development is key to a sucessful and growing organization.    When is the last time your organization developed an effective Talent Management Strategy a focus on engagement and retention from their first day of hire?


Consider working with a partner who understands your needs, has walked in your shoes and knows what it takes to hire and retain top talent for today and the future!   

           Customized Training


Training can often be just a "check-off" activity OR it can be a meaninful return-on-your-investment.   Is your Leadership Team ready to manage, develop and mentor the future leader's?   Do your future leader's exhibit the leader's traits you need to run your organization in the future?   How is leadership development integrated into your Strategy Planning?    


Consider a partner who can evaluate and partner with you to ensure you are prepared for the future! 

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